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Shqiperia Arkeologjike - Albanische Archäologie

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Shqiperia Arkeologjike / L'Albanie Archeologique / Archeological Albania

großer Bildband, herausgegeben von der Universiteti Shteteror i Tiranes, Instituti i Historise dhe i Gjuhesise Sektori i Arkeologjise in Tirana

ca. 31 x 35 cm
in albanischer + englischer + französischer Sprache

"ALBANIA is a country of ancient culture. Its soil has been inhabited since prehistoric times by the ancestors of the Albanians. The Illyrians and, later, the Albanians, built castles and forged weapons in order to defend themselves from the attacks which came from all directions. In times of peace, craftsmen reconstructed the ruined walls and beautified their cities, artisans worked metallic ornaments, sculptors engraved wood and stone, and potters brought to the market earthenware utensils with fine forms and variegated motifs.

Travel through Albania. On the asphalted roads the view of ancient monuments will be obstructed by new buildings, by grain fields, by vineyards and olive groves. Maybe the old grey castles will look strange standing out against a background of city suburb or a street with new buildings. Maybe chimneys towering above castle ruins, high-tension masts beside their walls and electric lights shining on these silent vestiges of the past will seem even more strange to your eyes. This is the scene in new Albania. But you must go deep into the Albanian provinces, climb hills and knolls, if you want to admire these ancient monuments, many of them having just been brought to light after campaigns of archaeological excavations. Enter the museums, even those of small towns, and in their halls you will find archaeological materials, mute witnesses to an ancient history and civilization. Or take the archaeological map of Albania; it is no longer blank as it was at the beginning of this century. Today there are more than 170 archaeological centres, and their number keeps increasing with each passing day.

In pre—liberation Albania, under the conditions of general economic and cultural backwardness, no research and study worth speaking of were carried out in the field of archaeology and ancient history of Albania.

The limited research and studies we have from the pre-liberation period were done by foreign scholars. They traced mainly the Greek and Roman civilizations, restricting the scope of their activity to our coastal cities of antiquity ..."


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