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A Colour atlas of Flowering Trees and Shrubs

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"Six hundred and eight species and varieties of plants are depicted in this companion, illustrating the most characteristic parts, like the leaf, the flower, the fruit and in mang instances the pubescence, the thorns, the bursting buds or the catching autumnal colours.

Vera Csapody, owner of the State Prize has drawn and painted plants for over fifty years. She was the illustrator of a great variety of botanical works both scientific and popular. The illustrations in thisvolume have been selected from among thousands of her original water-colours.

Imre Tóth is a dendrologist, who wrote the short but very critical notes to the illustrated plants. Besides the scientific names with authors, the English vernacular and sometimes the common variety names are also given. The notes include the original country of the plant, the shape of the crown and the leaf, a brief description of the flower and the fruit, flowering time, requirements of soil and climatic conditions and horticultural value.

This volume is a rich picture-book of European trees and shrubs, both instructive to the mind and appealing to the eye."


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