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Pod Vitěznou Zástavou

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  • Verlag: Naše Vojsko, Praha
  • Erstausgabe 1961
  • 120 Seiten mit ca. 100 Fotos
  • Bindung / Material: Leinen
  • Sprache: cs

(Bildband über die Tschechische Volksarmee)
Text und Bildunterschriften in Tschechisch + Russisch + Englisch

"The Czechoslovak People’s Army which, together with the invincible Soviet Army and the armies of the Warsaw Pact, is guarding world peace, embodies the striking power of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and expresses its firm resolution to counter any attack against the security ofthe State. The Czechoslovak People’s Army, guided by the perspicacious policy of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, indomitably shields the western frontier of the socialist camp and will spike the guns of all who, by any means, endeavour to destroy the fruit of the constructive efforts o our people and who try with the conflagration of war to halt and bring to nought the victorious advance of socialism.

To find the roots of this strength means to understand life in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic of today and to know the rich militant tradition which has engendered the present strength of the Czechoslovak People’s Army.

It means to cast a glance over the past when the secret and brazen plan — the "Drang nach dem Osten" — took real shape. It means to look at one of the most glorious pages of our history when our nation’s record of struggle was unsullied, when our people where fighting alongside the heroic Soviet forces which raised the banner of victory over the Reichstag.

The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia carefully supervised the formation of the Czechoslovak unit on the territory of the USSR. Under the leadership of the Party the unit grew into a militarily and politically mature whole which was worthy of the words Klement Gottwald addressed to it during one of his visits to the training centre in Buzuluk in May 1942: "After completion of your training you, too, will go to the front. I am convinced that you will live up to the reputation of your Hussite forebears and prove worthy fellow combatants of the Red Army"...

On May 9th, 1945, the glorious Soviet heroes liberated Prague, the capital city of Czechoslovakia. Their faces still showed traces of the dust and grime of the Battle of Berlin when the residents of Prague poured out into the streets to greet and embrace their long awaited brothers. They brought to Prague the symbol of freedom — the red flag with the hammer and sickle.

On May 16th, at a military parade, Prague welcomed the faithful sons of the Czech and Slovak people who, side by side with the Soviet Army, underwent the difficult military trials at Sokolov, Kiev, Bila Cserkev, Dukla, jask, Mikulas, Polom, Zilina, Ostrava ... Through the din and thunder of relentless battles against the fascist enemy, Czech and Slovak fighters held aloft their victorious standards, carrying them g to Prague, the mother of Czech cities, radiant in the glow of peace ..."


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