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Охотничье и спортивное оружие / Hunting and sporting Fire-Arms

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  • Verlag: Raznoexport, Moskau / Внешторгиздат
  • Herausgeber: Tula Armoury
  • 83 Seiten mit vielen Bildern
  • Bindung / Material: Hardcover
  • Sprache: en + ru
  • Jahr: 1988

1712-1987 ТОЗ / 1712-1987 TOZ

(Jagd-und Sportwaffen, Gewehre)

Publisher: Тульский Oружейный Завод (ТОЗ)

"The Tula armoury holds an honorary place among the country's oldest industrial enterprises.

The emergence of iron-working crafts in Russia goes back to the 16th century. Documents show that in 1595 during the reign of tsar Fyodor loanovich, the son of Ivan the Terrible, blacksmiths living in Tula specialized not only in the making of ploughs and axes, but also produced cold steel and fire-arms.

The Tula smiths lived in a community that was exempted from taxes. Yet they had a hard time and in their petition to Boris Godunov complained that "the trading people gave them hardly any room to work their trade" and asked that they be allowed "to move and live away from them".

Boris Godunov accepted the petition and confirmed their privileges.

The forge of Russian arms emerged in the territory of Tula in the 17th c. when the city was an important point on the defence boundary of the State of Muscovy. The need to strengthen the defence capacity of the burgeoning Russian state called for the development of the arms manufacturing industry. Deposits of iron ore discovered in the territory of Tula prompted the production of iron and consequently the emergence of gun making, the first of its kind in the country. Tula smiths were given the task of providing fire-arms for the State Treasury.

In the early 18th c. the Great Russian Tsar Peter I decided ..."

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