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Läänemere paeselt rannalt / Songs from the baltic coast

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Läänemere paeselt rannalt / Песни с берегов Балтики / Songs from the baltic coast

in estnischer, russischer und englischer Sprache

"The Song and Dance Festival of 1985 dedicated to the 40th anniversary ofthe great victory achieved in the Great Patriotic War and the 45th anniversary of the re-establishment of Soviet power in Estonia provided a good evidence of the continous high level of cultural life in Estonia and the popular nature of Soviet culture, as well as the enriching effect of the reciprocal cultural ties of the many nationalities and national groups of our country. Tens of thousands of spectators could get the festival messgae about the harmony between the workers and farmers, the students and merited labour veterans, as well as that of different generations of Soviet Estonia, about the mature feeling of citizenship, and love for the native land.

Among the performers we could see the choirs and orchestras of honourable veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and the honoured guest performers from the sister republics of the Soviet Union, as well as from the socialist countries. Already the colourful festival procession that lasted for more than three hours created the impression that the whole population of oue republik had gathered in Tallinn. 34 000 singers, dancers and musicians had gone through long and responsible preparations for the grand festival. And the work done by choirs, dance groups and orchestras had proved to be fruitful. A great homogeneous body of folk art performers of high level arose in the emotional joint song sung on the Song Festival Dais and in the spirited dance performed the Komsomol Stadium directed by the masterful hands of chief leaders and conductors. The spontaneous art created by that body of performers was a real sensation for everybody.

May there always be the joy of singing and dancing, may the number of those who love art — the spiritual wealth of people — ever increase. May the well organized spare time make it possible for us to reach those important aims in our everyday work which were set up on the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR to ensure the more rapid social and economical development of our country."


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