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Sinusoids in human liver: Health and disease

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"To all hepatologists interested in liver cells.

It was not until the first International Kupffer Cell Symposium (Noordwijkerhout, September, 1977), that many liver specialists realized that the liver is not solely made up of hepatocytes. Other conferences that have followed (Noordwijkerhout, August/September 1982 and Strasbourg, September 1985) have confirmed the importance of the sinusoidal cells and the extracellular matrix in liver physiology and physiopathology.

Although considerable progress has been made, our knowledge of the human liver sinusoid remains limited. The liver is a difficult organ to explore, and many clinical practitioners continue to regard it as a homogeneous organ, made up of one type of cell.

We hope that this book, as modest and incomplete as it may be, will help to draw attention to what we now know (and not yet know) about the human sinusoid. There can be no doubt that the therapeutic advances, which will hopefully further develop in the coming years, will require careful study of the sinusoidal cells, the extracellular matrix and the interrelations of all types of hepatic cells.

To all those who have collaborated with us on this book, we must express our most sincere appreciation. As with all joint publications, the mode of expression varies and the ideas put forward sometimes overlap, in other cases are clearly contradictory. There are, on the other hand, many questions which have not been dealt with. Suffice it to say that this is a first and limited approach which we hope will encourage liver specialists, whether clinicians, pathologists or researchers, to learn more about the sinusoid as a promising field of clinical and experimental research.

Finally, we would like to thank most sincerely the Kupffer Cell Foundation, and particulary members of the Board Dick Knook and Eddie Wisse, for kindly accepting to publish this book."


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