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The structure of Lelemi language

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with Texts and glossary

in englischer Sprache

"The present paper has resulted from the analysis of linguistic research material collected in the Buem District of the Central Volta Region of Ghana. During 1963/64 (November-April) and 1965 (March-June) a team of the Institut für Afrikanistik of the Humboldt-University in Berlin including Dr. Erika Endesfelder, Dr. Eberhard Berger, Dr. Brigitte Reineke and the author were conducting research work concerning the investigation of remnant languages spoken in that area.

The investigation was started with the Central group of the so-called "remnant peoples". Material has been collected for the languages of Lelemi, Lolobi, Akpafu, Likpe, Santrokofi and Bowiri in the following places:

Lelemi in Baglo and Odumase
Lolobi in Ashiambi and Kumasi
Akpafu in Mempeasem
Likpe in Kukurantumi
Santrokofi in Benua
Bowiri in Amanforo

Lelemi, the most widespread and most significant of these languages, has been the Hrst to be dealt with by the workers. This paper comprises an analysis of the structure of Lelemi as well as texts in Lelemi and a Lelemi- English glossary.

We are grateful to all who helped us in this work, above all the Institute of African Studies of the University of Ghana and its former director, Professor Dr. Thomas Hodgkin, giving us any possible assistance. Our thanks also go to the Ministerium für das Hoch- und Fachschulwesen arranging for us to travel there and, together with the Institute of African Studies, financing the scheme. Furthermore, we should like to thank all our friends and informants in Ghana, who worked with great perseverance and who were always concerned about our well-being, thus having substantially contributed to the successful completion of our investigation. Particular mention should be made of Chief Nana Buaka and Rev. A. O. Dogli (Baglo), Chief Nana Buatsie and Athanasius Nyarkoh (Odumase) providing camping sites for us and taking much interest in our works’ progress. We are also greatlyindebted to our assistants I. K. and E. K. Ayitevi, David K. Agbolu (Odumase) and Protus Ayah (Baglo).

At the annual meeting of the West African Languages Survey (now West African Linguistic Society) the IIIrd West African Languages Congress had made it a point of taking a fairly complete and accurate stock of the West African Languages. If this paper, in spite of many shortcomings, contributes to this end, it will have served its purpose."


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