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Soviet Literature for Young People
designed by D. Bisti, edited by Margaret Hamilton

"Plutonia is a novel released in 1915 by Vladimir Obruchev. Is a hollow-earth-type of science fiction novel set in an underground world of rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and strange vegetation, a world which has its own sun –Pluto– and inhabited by monstrous animals and primitive people. The author uses the plot for the purpose of introducing the reader to the animal and plant life of ancient geological periods in their natural surroundings. In Plutonia, dinosaurs and other Jurassic species are found in a fictional underground area north of Alaska. The descriptive passages are made more credible by Obruchev's extensive knowledge of paleontology." (Dank an Wikipedia)


guter Zustand, geringe Gebrauchs- und Alterungsspuren - Einband und Seitenschnitt teils leicht verfärbt - Seiten überwiegend sauber und ordentlich - Seiten an der Unterkante und der oberen Ecke teils leicht knittrig (good condition, low use and signs of aging - Binding and cross-sectional side sometimes slightly discolored - sides mostly clean and tidy - sides at the bottom and the top corner slightly creased)