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Modern Latvian ceramics / Moderne lettische Keramik

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Современная Латвийская Керамика / Modern Latvian ceramics

Fachbuch über moderne lettische Keramik in russischer und englischer Sprache

"In Latvia, a country rich in clay, cera mic production has been one of the most popular arts. During the Soviet period Latvian ceramists have produced many interesting and successful works. This is the result of high professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the material: its plastic properties, technology of its treatment and decorative possibilities.

From year to year the products of Latvian ceramists have pride of place at the Riga art salons and monthly exhibitions. Appearing for a short while in the salons, they soon take up their residence in private homes, workshops and public buildings, in the interiors of kindergartens and schools. The ancient art remains young. It assists in the creation of modern medium, and it has many surprises in store. It has infinite possibilities, giving the artist an unusual freedom of improvisation. Its techniques and devices combine features specific to decorative and applied crafts with those peculiar to imitative art proper. The emotional impact of ceramic objects is based on their decorative effect as well as their varied, significant content.

The author, Gundega Ivanova is a specialist in Latvian decorative arts. In the introductory article she outlines the history of ceramic art in Latvia from its early days till our time. The work of some of the outstanding masters is also sketched."

contains the works of

  • ĀBOLIŅA Olita
  • De BŪRS Valdis
  • CIHOVSKA Skaidrīte
  • DETLAVS Eduards
  • HEIMRĀTE Frīda
  • INDRIKSONE Dzintra
  • JĀTNIECE Violeta
  • KRASTIŅŠ Dainis
  • KROLLE Izabella
  • KRUGLOVS Georgs
  • LĀCE Karolina
  • MARTINSONS Pēteris
  • MEDNIECE Latvīte
  • MELNACE Velta
  • MELNALKSNE Margita
  • MENTELE Natālija
  • OZOLIŅA Kornēlija
  • OZOLIŅA Sarmīte
  • ŠMIDKENA Silvija and LUKŠO Leons
  • VANAGA Ilga
  • ZĪLE Aija


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