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Cotton Spinning Machinery - Katalog des VEB Spinnereimaschinenbau Karl-Marx-Stadt

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Cotton Spinning Machinery

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"The manufacture of Cotton Spinning Machinery has at all times been a special line of the nationalised firm of


which constitutes the largest Textile Machinery Works of the German Democratic Republic, comprising the former works of Messrs. Rich. Hartmann, Chemnitz, Trützschler & Gey, Crimmitschau, F. Bernhardt, Leisnig, and C. E. Schwalbe, Werdau, who all have an established world wide reputation.

The many inventions and drastic innovations of this firm are the most eloquent proof of the leading part it has taken in the development of textile machinery building. The combination of tradition and progress has resulted in the construction of machines of high character and quality which are helping to simplify the working process with a view to lowering the operating costs increasing the production efficiency and improving the safety of operation.

During the last years numerous complete cotton spinning plants have been supplied to european and oversea's countries. These plants are incorporating the latest features resulting from the practical application of the knowledge and experience gained from close contact with mill problems in all parts of the world. Special thought and attention has been given to the modernisation of Blowing Room Machinery and their assembly to modern single process lap making units which are meeting the most modern demands in careful opening, thorough cleaning, uniform blending and increased fibre integrity, so as to let result laps of perfect structure, utmost uniformity and highest degree of regularity in weight per unity of length. Cards, Drawing Frames, Speed Frames and Ring Frames have been improved on the most modern lines and at the same time they have been adapted to rayon fibre spinning. New steps have been taken to fundamentally improve the construction and design of the conventional types of machines in order to obtain that extra margin which modern competitive conditions now demand in such important items as increased ..."

  • Introduction
  • One-Process Blowing Room
  • Plant with Two-way Distributor
  • Blowing Room Plant with Mixing Stacks
  • Blending Bale Opener
  • Hopper Bale Opener
  • Automatic Hopper Feeder
  • Vertical Crighton Opener
  • Pneumatic Delivery Boxes (Condensers).
  • Horizontal Porcupine Opener
  • Rayon Opener Unit
  • Beater Scutcher and Lap Machine
  • Dust Filter Plant
  • Revolving Flat Card
  • Card Mounting Machine
  • Bare Cylinder Grinder
  • Card Flat Mounting Machine
  • Card Flat Grinding Machine
  • Saw Tooth Wire Mounting and Grinding Machine
  • Sliver Lap Machine
  • Ribbon Lap Machine
  • Cotton Comber
  • Cotton Drawing Frame
  • Controlled Draft Drawing
  • Frame with Lap Feed
  • Cotton Speed Frame
  • Cotton Ring Spinning Frame
  • Grinding Machine for Cushion Type Rollers
  • Air Conditioning Plant for Cotton Mills
  • Roller Covering Plant
  • Accessories and Spares for Cotton Mills
  • Textile Laboratory Equipment
  • Machinery Lay-out Plans for Cotton Mills


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